Enrollment is open for the 2015-2016 school year!

In order to enroll your child in our kindergarten, the following steps should be completed:

Step I – the enrollment fee of €50 (at the NRB exchange rate of the day) shall be fully paid at the Cashier’s Office.

Step II

  1. Interview with parents and child/children
  2. Filing the child’s documentation

The enrollment packet will include the following documents:

  • Enrollment form
  • Receipt as payment proof of the enrollment fee
  • Copy of the ID/passport of the parents/tutors
  • Copy of the Court Decision for the custody of the minor child (if applicable)
  • Copy of the child’s Birth Certificate
  • Evaluations/recommendations; the child’s portfolio from the previous kindergarten (if applicable)

Step III

The registration of the child within 20 days since the payment date of the enrollment fee.

  • The filling out and filing of the Learning Agreement for 2015-2016 in the child’s enrollment packet
  • Payment of the tuition fee, as the Learning Agreement has concluded

Step IV

Medical documents (mandatory upon joining the kindergarten community, they are to be presented on the first day of school).

  • Health examination sheet (filled in by GP or pediatrician)
  • Certificate from GP/Pediatrician (valid for 48hrs)
  • Copy of the Immunization record
  • The results of the medical tests:
  1. Pharyngeal and nasal exudate
  2. Coproparasitological and coprobacteriological exams.


The enrollment documents can be downloaded below:

Enrollment form