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The Prietenii mei All-day Kindergarten is the initiative of a team of specialists in preschool and academic education. Our educational offer is therefore tailored so that each child’s personality can be appropriately addressed. Moreover, our educational activity focuses on cooperation between children, family and teachers, on the identification and improvement of individual skills, as well as on expanding their creative horizon via interaction with a wide range of fields like education, culture and arts.

For children, we are friendly; for parents, we are trustworthy; for teachers, we provide a platform for continuous personal development.

Smart play is the core of our approach. We teach the little ones how to enjoy every moment of play and how to and have fun while learning.

We want to show them what it means to think on their own, to listen, to learn, to apply what they learn, to explore, to trust themselves. We’re not exclusively preoccupied with the cognitive level of knowledge; we also care about the emotional one. We concentrate equally on learning, communication and networking, empathy and emotional intelligence.

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Our mission is to provide equal education opportunities for everyone. We rely greatly on the constant partnership between our team, the family and the community; it’s a partnership we nourish every day. The purpose is to create an environment for reliable, long-term cooperation. We have a child-centered policy.




In the future, the Prietenii mei All-day Kindergarten intends to be a complex institution that’s competitive at international standards, where the aim is to supervise the development of emotional and motivational factors and of creative attitudes, correlated with the development potential of each child. We handle preschool education by means of instructional and educational activities which are varied and attractive, thus stimulating curiosity and the children’s desire to learn.

We are here to build an environment where the preschool child learns, develops skills and competences, and acquires valuable knowledge for the future. We appreciate not just scientific education, literary achievements, information, but also personal accomplishments, kindness, character and protection.